Depression: 21 Tips

Depression is bleakness and pain and hopelessness.  It’s your mind endlessly repeating everything that is fucked up about you and your life and the world.  There really doesn’t seem to be a way out.  Or at least your brain reasons out all options.  It makes everything harder.  Like trying to move through mud.  And, on top of everything else, it can make me a worse person.  There are some upsides, in that I think it’s made me pretty empathetic, and I’ve been told, on occasion, that I can be a good listener.  But… depression is something, at least as an adult in the workplace, that has to be hidden.  I constantly have to lie to people – How are you doing? “fine.”  and the energy to maintain any kind of facade can be draining.  And, lately, unfortunately, I’ve been snapping at people and venting too much about everyday work irritations (why doesn’t this equipment work and why is this coworker unpleasant to me and is she singling me out – depression can make you paranoid that “everyone hates you, everyone’s against you” – and so on)…only realizing maybe the next day that though particular work stuff was stressful, all my anger was probably from other things, and from being miserable in general…there’s a Freudian term for this…displacement, transference, projection, something…

anyway… in addition to everything else, depression can rob you of even simple pleasures others might take for granted, such as even being able to taste food, or enjoy the taste of food.

But anyway, stumbling around the internet, I ran into the following 21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together during Depression, and liked it.  I thought it was somewhat helpful.  and clearly coming from someone who knows what it’s like.  (I tend to doubt that the psychologist authors of all those pamphlets know what it’s like.)

There’s a lot that’s hard to understand about depression.  A therapist might suggest to go do something that makes you happy, or go get some exercise, or just go make some friends.  uh huh, just like that.  If you barely have the energy to get out of bed, how can you motivate yourself to go for a walk.  and what if nothing makes you happy or can make you happy, even if you had the energy and motivation to do it?  and what is happiness anyway?

Anyways, the 21 Tips.  Here are two links to them, one with curse words, and one that’s family friendly.  All credit to Rosalind Robertson.

I don’t feel up for some cute little video or something happy, but I should try, in the spirit of a my mood-breaker moment thing.

if nothing else, distraction.


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