Jon Stewart for President, 2016

Jon Stewart for President, 2016.  no, really.

On the left, with Hillary Clinton, who’s husband already served the full terms for president, and on the right with Jeb Bush (leader of fuck-up Florida – come on, you know it), brother to one president, son to another, if knowing nothing else, shouldn’t any American be weary on voting for them, as if democracy was a veneer for inherited monarchies?


though that demeans both candidates.


Back to Jon Stewart.  He’s retiring from the institution that has become the Daily Show, must need something to do.  How does he fit the bill?

brand name recognition, check.

knows the ins and outs of SuperPacs, check.

can amass and encourage a large audience, check.

presents relatively centrist views,  check.

a good orator, double check.

a decent sense of what the people want to hear, check.

has an extensive knowledge-base, extending back in time, of political awareness.  double check.  I think one could argue moreso for him than other current politicians.  someone who actually reads the bills, follows the issues, is politically engaged, questions things, doesn’t accept a cheap and vapid soundbite for an answer.  check and check.


What Jon Stewart has over other candidates, unlike others, he doesn’t strictly adhere to one party line, doesn’t do the safe soundbites, exposes flaws when he and his team sees them, from either side, and tears the media to shreds.


ok, sure, he’s a comedian.  But Lincoln was an actor.


and, well, why not?


having a comedian run, ironically, would add some class and intellect to a field that has included Palin, Perry, Romney, Cain, and Trump.


if not president, how about senator?


at this point, I feel like I could do the job of a senator, because I know how to read.  I would read a bill before forming a conclusion on it.  (though I’d never get in, since I don’t have the pretty face, the pretty charisma, the power, or the money).


Growing up, the movie Dave was a light-hearted relief film to a lot of us.  those plenty skeptical in politics, but able to hold a shred of hope for a good guy.  I wonder, now, if people were to watch the movie Dave in 2015 for the first time, that they wouldn’t appreciate it, because they couldn’t suspend the disbelief – i.e. that, for starters, impossible to get into politics, even bottom rung, with no money.  thank you Citizens United.


but anyway.  if, jokingly, Colbert could get onto the ballot, just imagine what Stewart could do if taken legitimately.

as for the year, why not now?  a bet a lot of people don’t want Hillary.  I personally like Bernie Sanders, but doubt he could garner serious support.  and the GOP side is essentially public-loving Trump and (I guess by virtue of recognition and absence of crazy) Jeb Bush.


so, again, Jon Stewart for president.


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