an addiction by any other name…

Levni Yilmaz’s “Tales of Mere Existence” is somewhere between a like-minded voice and a kindred spirit on the internet for me.  For the most part, he says what I’m thinking, only more eloquently, succinct, and supplemented with art.


It’s not so much that I hate what I call fancy phones (because I fail to see how they are “smart” exactly) in and of themselves.  It’s a tool.  a digital swiss army knife – only far less practical, in that it is expensive, not waterproof, not shatter proof, needs to be recharged, requires access to electrical charging areas and proximity to cell towers, is a target for theft…etc.  Like all tools, as I’m sure my forebears would complain about the invention of the television, or the wireless, or the car, the fault is more in how the tool is used, rather than it’s inherent qualities.  So, what I mostly dislike about fancy phones is the culture they’ve created, people’s subsequent dependency on them, and preferring screens to face-to-face interaction, apparently.  and a prevalence so intense, it’s hard to escape them, in places where they shouldn’t be – restrooms, during a final, at the movies…  and, though my rant is pretty self-explanatory (as there’s more, the expense and so forth, why have something I feel I don’t personally need), people keep trying to inundate me into their cult of fancy phone ownership, as if I were Tarzan needing to learn the ways of civilized humans…. anyways….

For three TV show episodes who humorously, satirically, tackle the topic, I recommend, in probably my preferred watching order:

Futurama, “Attack of the Killer App,” season 6, episode 3, aired 7/1/10

Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “Tactical Village,” season 1, episode 19, aired 3/4/14

all hail Mike Ehrmantraut…er…not-Pierce…er Buzz Hickey…the always impressive Jonathan Banks

Community, “App Development and Condiments,” season 5, episode 8, aired 3/6/14


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