Top Cats in Movies

I am a tremendous cat lover.  Cats are the greatest.  (don’t even try to debate me, internet, I love cats, the end.)

I just came across a Yahoo “article” on someone’s opinion of top cats in movies. (everyone loves lists, apparently)  I agreed with some and disagreed with others.  and then posed the question to myself.  So, then, here are my top cats in movies.  caveat: movies only, not TV shows. caveat number two, due to my age and what not, I am likely biased towards movies released in the ’90s, give or take.  so here’s my little humble and very subjective list, and in no particular order:

Most Notable Cats in Movies:

* Milo, from Milo and Otis

* Chesire Cat.  and not from the Tim Burton movie, from Disney’s original.

* Sally Fields’ cat, I think her name was Sassy, in Homeward Bound (based off the novel, The Incredible Journey)

* Thomasina

* Lucifer from Cinderella

* ok fine, reluctantly, Jinx from Meet the Parents

*Puss in Boots from Shrek 2/franchise

* the Siamese cats from Lady and the Tramp

* Aristocats (Disney loves dogs, but still needs to do cats justice, I think)

* (I’m not including Garfield because, though I loved the comics, I disliked the movie)

* some generic cat from any Bond movie – it is now cliche that a bond villain strokes a cat, probably a white Persian

* that cat from the first Austin Powers movie, which was mimicking Bond

(everyone hates the Rex, they appear as perhaps worse than the Chinese Crested of dogs.  to both, poor hairless things, may you forever live in deserts)
* Binx from Hocus Pocus

* the cat from That Darn Cat


(another Siamese – they are just too high strung)


I love mutts, or perhaps the cat equivalent, farm cat tabbies – how about more stories about them, less about the high strung types – Siamese, Himalayan and Persian.  and too, in Hollywood, cats seem to be rarely portrayed well. often, they are the villains.  (except for some notable ones, namely Thomasina and Milo and Otis)  Cats aren’t evil.  They’re misunderstood.  Anyways…here’s, at least for now, my short list, in no particular order, of most notable or memorable cats in movies, in my humble opinion.

(p.s. cats are awesome, did I mention that?)


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