Collective Consciousness?

Food for thought…

I was going through my spiel at work today, and segued into a brief light conversation with a customer,  the mercurial weather, how fast the months seemed to fly by.  and then I said, a common enough refrain, “Where does the time go?”  To which the customer responded something similar to, “I think everyone everywhere is always discussing that.”


perhaps a glib enough comment, but it stuck with me.  Could there literally be such a concept, the idea that there is something, some phrase, some sentiment, so broad in appeal, that literally everyone could, at one point in their lives, discuss it?  My response, to myself, was to say, in this case it probably couldn’t be global, but it could be fairly ubiquitous to one culture.  In this particular instance, perhaps, an American (or, broader, Anglican, or, broader, “Western”) concept – or you could draw lines more by occupation than nationality – people who may be particularly stressed and have a highly time-structured life as opposed to people who feel relaxed, feel their life moves at a slower pace.  and so on…

In any case, I wondered if it was possible for there to be one concept, one conversation, that could, right in the present moment, be shared by a large swath of people, if not universally.


Jung created the idea of a collective unconsciousness.  Hence my title, collective consciousness.

I personally highly doubt it, as I see perhaps the opposite – where everyone is an island unto themselves and, at a core level, may never fully communicate with and understand another (in short, increasingly disconnected) – as far more plausible.  But, you never know.  Some things should be almost universal – seeking food or shelter, for instance…

Hence why it has become a staple of small talk to mention the weather.  the last common ground.  (but even then…there are people who prefer rainy days over sunny ones, the cold over the heat – though few and far between)


anyways, food for thought.


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