By any other name: U.S. and Torture

So much for cheery holiday thoughts.  What a world I live in.  The anniversary of Sandy Hook, which sadly points out that mass shootings have become common place and no one did anything with regard to even examining gun control or proper availability of psychiatric care…

1984 is no longer myth (not that it was meant to be, as it was essentially depicting the Nazi regime).  The NSA is spying on not just other countries, not just allies, though this is being questioned, but also, most notably, its own American citizens.

I have never been under the illusion that the United States was idyllic.  The United States has always had “issues” with immigration, and I am reminded that the FDR administration refused to admit Jewish refugees to United States’ soil.

I know the U.S. unfortunately had the MK-Ultra project, that that, sadly, was real.

And now, torture.  It’s not that it is recent news, as the public then was informed about several of the Bush regime’s not so favorable programs: Guantanamo, The Patriot Act, and “enhanced interrogation.”  a rose by any other name.  But the real question now is what will happen, if anything.

Is there justice in this country?  There are protests across the nation, regarding racism and racial tensions, but also, distrust of both police officers, the use of militarized force against civilians, and distrust of the justice system.  First, with Michael Brown (but let’s also not forget Trayvon Martin and the Stand Your Ground law, which seems, to me, like returning to Wild West vigilanteism), and then Eric Garner, which appears to show that even when there is direct video footage, the courts can’t even see to it to suggest that a crime was committed, much less charge and arrest someone for one.

So, at a time where the justice in this country is truly put to the test, will America allow American perpetrators of torture to be prosecuted, not only according to the international standards set by the Geneva Convention, but by the Convention against Torture treaty the U.S. signed in 1994?

“The CIA Torturers Should Be Prosecuted,” Human Rights Watch, published in The Washington Post, Dec. 13th, 2014.


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