Airplane of the Future

A windowless OLED airplane, brilliant or awful?

My first thought was that this would be amazing.  Instead of trying to see as much as I could out of a tiny window, it would be a panoramic view, which would be incredible.

However, as commentators were quick to point out, you the passenger would not actually be viewing the sky, but information fed through a screen.  Thus you would have to trust this as an accurate portrayal of the outside.  This concept easily leads down a path of Big Brother fear. But also, as one person pointed out, exciting possibilities, such as rigging the display to make it appear that you were flying through space or hellscapes or what have you.  The latter idea could make for a fun amusement ride, if not a reassuring plane ride.

There were other concerns as well, as, pointed out: What about people who are afraid of flying and want to minimize the concept that they are in the air, and what about the people who want dim light to relax or sleep?

And, along the theme of reflecting reality, what about storms?  I, perhaps, might love to see a storm from the sky, while more sane people might be terrified.  This ties in to essentially the basic concept, which is that we should assume each passenger has different needs, rather than everyone wanting to see the same thing.

Therefore, what about compromises?  The first and perhaps most practical, vis a vis visibility, would be to increase current window sizes.  The window sizes are likely the size they are now for very specific reasons – perhaps some combination of cost, frame stability, and studies on optimum viewing pleasure to minimizing visibility for the fearful (or sleepy) ratios.

Another compromise, as another commentator voiced, was to have the OLED screen panorama, while keeping the windows.  This wouldn’t address the fuel and frame-saving claims of the add, but might be a good compromise if the only factor is viewing experience.

Or… keep the interior of the plane the same, but still have plane-mounted cameras, which could feed into a channel, that the passenger could tune into, or ignore, on their personal built-in backseat-mounted TV screens.  It wouldn’t be panoramic, but, like a sky security guard, you could look at all the camera angles or pick and choose.

Or maybe they should just make an amazing amusement ride.


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