Depression: on alienation

Moments: On Robin Williams and the daily struggle. (General Tso’s Revenge,


Maybe it helps to hear other people’s stories, experiences, struggles.

People say, regarding depression, that, “you are not alone.” (cue Police’s “Message in a Bottle”)  But, to me, the very nature of depression is to be alone.  in many ways….

Everyone’s experience with depression is different, I would venture.  but not to say there isn’t a commonality.  One aspect of that aloneness, the alienating nature of despair, is feeling resolutely that no one else could understand you, or that you can’t relate to anyone.  Everyone sees a warm sunny summer day and comments on how great the weather is, when, to you, the sun assaults your senses, the cheery summerness of the weather, people, culture, all mocking you with a kind of irony.

Depression is isolating.  and all those announcements of, “you are not alone,” or, worse, a complete stranger trying to convince you that they care about you, when they haven’t even met you – it all rings hollow.

But hearing (or sharing) struggles from actual people, whether with a fellow traveler on a bus, hazily, through drinks, nearing last call with another lonely barfly, or even, though less potent, dispersed through the void of the internet, maybe it is something.  a drop in a bucket, a message in a bottle, throwing a tether out there somewhere.  Maybe enough tethers can one day help pull someone just enough out of that loneliness, so that futile despair isn’t the only option.








Update 9/7/14

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2 Responses to “Depression: on alienation”

  1. I think sharing is the best way to deal with depression (sometimes) Sometimes you just need to have a good chat with someone.

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