Depression: on “advice”

I do realize that people are well-meaning, at least sometimes.  One) Depression is not like diabetes.  Two) You can’t snap out of it.  Three) Don’t say you know what it’s like if you’ve occasionally been bummed once in a while.

I think being non-judgmental is key.  Part of the problem is feeling like you can’t talk to anyone – because they’d judge you, because they’d think you’re insane, because they wouldn’t understand, because they’d tell you those tired homilies, or, worst of all, the guilt.  The guilt that you’ll just bother and burden and worry everyone.  So you keep to yourself, because you already feel a bother.  and things cyclically get worse, because there’s no outside perspective to ground you to a different viewpoint from your own.

Maybe I’ll make this depression blog a series, maybe not.  After a major event, people always say, “Now’s the time to have a discussion about this,” but they never do.  Did Newtown change public perspective or legal gun laws? nope.  instead, people went out and bought more guns.

If, in any way, I could help someone by letting them know they’re not alone, or just help myself by venting…



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