Robin Williams

I find myself incredibly upset by Robin Williams’ death.

Perhaps surprisingly, perhaps not.  Some people tell me it’s essentially ok to feel so (does that backhandedly imply there would otherwise be judgment?); others have bluntly scrutinized me, with comments such as, he’s a celebrity, the word almost said with venom, you didn’t know him, he’s not a relative…and so on… I do understand.  There’s no logical reason I should be upset on a more personal level because, yes, I’m just some person, I didn’t personally know the man, and all I knew were essentially fictional characters.

Still, for several reasons, some I’ve figured out, others likely to remain as nebulous as emotions can be, I am struck by this.

At least, I believe, he’s no longer in pain.

even that, sadly, I feel is a controversial statement, likely to be met with countered anger.  that’s one thing about depression, there’s no easy way to talk about it. and even trying to be the most empathetic or compassionate or understanding, there’s still always the persistent antagonist beliefs…that it’s wrong and bad to feel sad in ways unlike what is socially acceptable – right person, right time, right place, right length of sadness, right expression of sadness – and that it’s certainly wrong, under all circumstances, to kill yourself, and what a bastard you are for doing it…I’m not here to advocate for it.  but that there should be some other way of looking at it.  in short, don’t try to judge another person’s pain.  the very least you can say is that that person is suffering.  and shouldn’t there be compassion for that?

not to get on a soap box.


also, there is/was/will be no one else like Robin Williams, truly one of a kind.

nanu nanu.



on Mork and Mindy:

about a week or so later, still depressed.  I’ve been watching as much Mork and Mindy as I can get my hands on.  It really is, in its own right, a great show.  Some of Mork’s reports to Orson now seem eerie, profound, and imbedded with new, almost prescient, meaning, given current timing.  The show not only showcases Robin Williams’ comedic energy, but also that underlying and profound tenderness.

I don’t know what Robin Williams’ feelings were regarding Mork.  I gather he wanted to be known for his acting capacity, which he was recognized for, rather than typecast as the first famous thing he did.  But, I figure, that, to this day, people know Mork, is a testament to how incredible that character, and his portrayal therein, truly was, that he touched so many, across generations.

again, there will only ever be one Robin Williams.  I truly wish, if possible, he found some kind of peace.


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