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his latest news.

I’m not sure what to make of him.  On the spectrum of hero to traitor, I’m more on the hero end, but do hover, muggle-wump style.

[Mug-Wump was an actual American political party.  akin to the idiom of being on the fence.  so, centralists?  get your mug on the other side of the wump.  I believe, as in, don’t sit on the fence, but choose a side.  I believe Roald Dahl, my favorite children’s author, parodied it with “mugglewump.”  If you read between the lines, there’s loads of political satire in Roald Dahl’s works.  Look no further than Yertle the Turtle on Nazism and Imperialization.  Or Bread buttered up or down as analogy for the arms race.]

a good Thomas Nast cartoon is also in here somewhere.

It does perplex me that the U.S. pursued him, Snowden, at all, much less made a monumental affair of it.  Isn’t there supposed to be a freedom for whistleblowers, or is that merely fantasy and propaganda?  Two, is he a traitor? Really, and on what grounds?  Two B, I don’t think we are officially at war.  (I don’t think we’ve officially been at war since WWII, everything else was some kind of loophole.)  and Three, the Alien and Sedition Acts.  Isn’t that, ultimately, what the U.S. is accusing Snowden of?  Weren’t the Alien and Sedition Acts written in early American history, i.e. the 1700s?  Haven’t they been overturned?  And to what degree are they obsolete now?  and how do they hold up, given both globalization and the internet?

Free speech and habeas corpus (and etc.) seem to be continually suspended by presidents (i.e. “marshal law”) during times of war.  and, well, we’re perpetually at war now.  enough to outlaw, I mean suspend, dissention and civil rights, but not enough to be governed by war crimes, laws, rations, drafts, and so forth.  a tidy loophole.  declare War With Terrorism.  Never define terrorism.  and an enemy you can never defeat.  Thus perpetual pseudo-war.  perfect conditions for pseudo-marshall law, check and mate.  don’t worry, most people don’t notice, or care.  or, if they do, grow weary and futilistic, because there’s nothing they can do about it. (guantanamo) [there’s an Against All Authority song in here somewhere. (or all punk, if you think about it.) so I give you this:]

and also this, for kicks:

anyways, Snowden.  I get the sense he did a good thing once, but that he’s fast approaching ego-inflation status (Freud written all over that), aka self-gurutization.  (I coin that!).  Happens to the best of people, like Gene Roddenberry or the Beatles, Joseph Smith,  or numerous others.  (yeah, weird even to me to put them all in the same sentence) They make a few profound deserved statements, then virtually become gods due to fame, and then end up being deified and then deifying themselves.   They now may believe they offer mana to humanity, or feel obligated to.   And then these fame-bred human-gods end up spouting sense/opinions because they are now trying to sound prophetic.  As long as they have fame, this perpetuates.

Anyways, I doubt Snowden has any more tidbits of wisdom, or intellect or data.  I think he believes he’s some god-prophet now and is trying to cash in.  Besides, once you open the floodgates of, the US government is spying on you, how much more or else is there to say?  It’s not the particulars, the hows and wherefores of the spying, it’s the concept that they are, which we now know.

It’s an unsteady world we live in.  Thanks to the internet.  Which, now, seems to defy definition.  Is it a collective unconscious?  a spying device?  A marketing scheme? Big Brother? the largest tabloid ever?  SkyNet?  a system of computers linked together over some kind of phone line to produce this imaginary and overarching realm?  who knows.  and here I am, using it.  (or is it using me?) Is it ultimate freedom or ultimate captivity?

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