Theoretical new U.S. state borders

Neil Freeman came up with this theoretical, for artistic purposes only, conception of the United States, if each state had the same population size, in an attempt to fix the electoral college misrepresentation conundrum.

The map can be found here:

What I like about this map, at a glance, is that it seems to group people by culture and geography (ex. farmers and their interests separate from metropolitan/urban interests), seems to be more representative of people, rather than seemingly arbitrary lines drawn by politicians.  Granted, many states’ borders were drawn according to geography, notably divided by mountain ranges and rivers.  Old high school U.S. history recalls the Colonies, the Lousiana Purchase, Texas as its own entity, the Gold Rush states, and, lastly, Plains settlements.  But, obviously, many borders are political.  and pretty much, I think, all voting district lines are.  Not that this level of restructuring could ever happen in reality, but could this map be a true anti-gerrymandering map?

When I skim this map, from the few states I am personally familiar with, it seems to make sense culturally: upstate New York, along the lakes (Buffalo, Rochester) and the Adirondack areas are very distinct from New York City; Chicago, (to some extent outlying Chicago ‘burb areas and Rockford), and the rest of downstate Illinois, are very separate entities.  Illinoisans have been arguing that Chicago should become its own voting entity to give better representation to everyone.  and so on.  This seems to make better sense than the district maps.

Remember this jigsaw puzzle, another artist showing the inanity of redistricting:

Look at your own state, or state area, in the theoretical map, and see if Freeman’s conceptualization makes more sense for your area.  Love to hear what you think.

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