Civil Rights

I just discovered this new form of creative protest, and I love it.  Send a knitted uterus to a congressman to send the message, “If I give you a uterus, will you leave mine alone?”  I’ve gotten sick of the swath of civil rights violations I hear pouring out from the media.  It makes me want to hate my country and question whether I’ve gone back in time to the McCarthy era.  All-male conferences discussing women’s health, questioning birth control, trying to revoke Roe v. Wade.

Santorum on abortion.  (“Make the best of a bad situation… “accept what God has given to you.” ) Are you kidding me?!  Or at least take a libertarian stance.  The choice to get an abortion should fall to the individual, the government shouldn’t be making that personal and private decision for you.  You would think Tea Partiers, in a libertarian vein, would then be pro-choice.  Because it’s anti-Big Brother.

And now the Trayvon Martin travesty.  Not only am I appalled that they didn’t arrest Zimmerman, but I can’t believe news anchors and others actually try and defend him.  And the excuses they come up with…  Let’s take race out of it for a second, the truth is that a grown man, who had a car and a gun, shot an unarmed teenager in the chest, killed him, and then wasn’t arrested.  That’s crazy and appalling right there.  Anyway…I think some more civil rights revolutions are in order.

Update: Vagina Monologues” in Congress

Update 8/9/12:

  • Pussy Riot Putin Protest (tongue twister curiously accidental; or, alternatively, Pussy Riot punk prayer Putin protest) (

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