I came across this thought from Kuber Raj Mehnda’s “Absurd Mind” blog: “There are two ways to be miserable, to think about everything and to not think about anything”.  just gives me something to really reflect about… all its ramifications maybe.

I’m reminded of Flowers for Algernon…and the friends who have told me not to take everything, especially myself, so seriously.

I think, for the non-optimists out there, that having a good sense of humor, even and especially sarcastic or self-deprecating humor, must be a key to getting through life.  I like this following quote from Stephen Colbert, about how he takes perhaps what angers (or saddens or frustrates) himself the most in the news and tries to make it into a joke, because if he wasn’t laughing all day, he’d be crying.  (Somewhere else, I think he credited his mother for instilling this strong sense of humor and ability to face tough times, rather than shriveling up under them.)


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