Support Occupy Wall Street

Food for thought, part of the problem:

  • escalating higher education tuition vs. Feldman and Archibald’s book that argues that tuition hyper-inflation follows the same pattern as other highly skilled highly educated service-based industries, such as doctors and lawyers
  • if not The Problem, is that America has become a service-based economy, which is not sustainable, rather than a product-based economy.  We should try to shift America to a product-based economy again, to not only boost the economy, but create jobs.  How? maybe finding a way to make it profitable to corporations to produce in-country rather than outsource.  How? import/export taxes.
  • corporations having human rights
  • Americans have a higher standard of living than ever before and should tighten their belts some, everyone needs to get used to less
  • the US wasn’t/isn’t as competitive in a global economy
  • the repercussions of ‘W’
  • the cost and maintenance of war
  • the illusion of “American Dream”
  • tax cuts for the wealthy, disproportionate wealth
  • health care and insurance for profit, rather than a right to health care
  • sub prime loans
  • perpetuating the validity of college education, when only a few degrees lead to careers; there should be honesty regarding the humanities, and whether it’s worth the student loans
  • state and federal bureaucrats who don’t know how to balance budgets, or spend responsibly and wisely, and in the best interest of people who don’t make $250,000 a year

(As Dave’s accountant buddy says in “Dave”, regarding the Federal Budget, “If I ran my business this way, I’d be out of business.”)


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