It’s been a long time since I’ve read 1984. well over a decade ago.  But I did read 1984 and Brave New World at relatively the same time.  and I remember, then, that I liked Brave New World a lot better.  Nothing against 1984, which is still a great novel.  I think I had liked Huxley’s writing style better, more subtle, more nuanced, things…  but again, it’s been years and years.  So I really should reread both.  for the moment, here’s this clip:

(also, aside, I’m the last person to think about fashion, but for some reason I’m pleasantly distracted by Wilde’s dress.  it’s old-fashioned, yet not.  but mostly that kindof iridescent green…)

(also, potential segue into surveillance/Big Brother/cell phones/hacking/internet of things, but another rant for another day)


So six people, out of 18, quit the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS, because they felt this current administration was refusing to listen to them and they felt they could provide more help from outside the administration, than within.  Much of this protest-via-resignation centered around the new Trumpcare AHCA bill; it’s  allowance of insurance companies to bring back pre-existing condition clauses that would deny people healthcare, would invariably hurt people suffering with HIV/AIDs, as well as anyone with a long-term illness (cancer, mental health… even pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition.  food for thought, erectile dysfunction is not… moving on…)

But it’s not just a blanket Trumpcare sucks for all thing.  The LGBT community did/does have legitimate reasons to fear the Trump administration, whether it’s the Republicans’ platform, to the Trump admin. rescinding Obama’s pro-transgender guidelines, to Mike Pence.

So, in response, to the Trump administration’s not-so-favorable attitude regarding helping those with HIV/AIDs, James Corden made the following gesture:

So…no wonder.  It’s no surprise the Trump admin. isn’t eager to help those with HIV, and/or help with the HIV crisis domestically or globally.  Because, Mike Pence.

The controversial statement associated with Mike Pence, in this context, is that he supposedly said that he’d like the government to remove all funding from HIV/AIDs research and then to funnel that money into sending gay people to conversion therapy.  In an attempt to be fair, it appears that he didn’t technically put it that way, and that could definitely be a misconstrued exaggeration.  What Mike Pence did say was:

“Congress should support the reauthorization of the Ryan White Care Act only after completion of an audit to ensure that federal dollars were no longer being given to organizations that celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that facilitate the spreading of the HIV virus. Resources should be directed toward those institutions which provide assistance to those seeking to change their sexual behavior.”
(source: Politifact, citing Pence’s website)

And Mike Pence has a long record of anti-LGBT statements, policies, platforms, legislation, etc.

Forget the latter half of the quote and forget conversion therapy for the moment.  Pence could have said that he wanted to make sure federal dollars went towards preventing the spread of the HIV virus and wanted to educate people to help prevent the spread of HIV.  There are other ways to word things.  He said “celebrate and encourage the types of behaviors that…” (given that most HIV is spread by contaminated needles among drug users, and given that no one celebrates junkies, and given Pence’s stance on LGBT rights, I think it’s pretty clear that he’s suggesting no one “celebrate” being gay, that he thinks being gay is aberrant behavior, and that he believes being gay is synonymous with spreading HIV …which, the last point, it was, at least if you were male, and in the ’70s)

So what it seems like Pence is saying is that he doesn’t want any federal money going towards HIV research until we can make sure none of that money is being used to say being gay is ok.  I think that’s a fair assessment of his statement.

To be more fair, here are some websites discussing Pence’s policies, including that, according to Politifact, which I believe is really trying to be impartial and fact-based, that the jury is still out as to Pence’s views on conversion therapy:

(I’d also recommend the movie Dallas Buyers Club.)


I’m not really feeling…up to things.  There’s voids in my life I don’t know what to do about.  blaming myself doesn’t really get me anywhere.  I can’t just feel better.  and I had some times hanging out with other people who were all having a good time, so that helps.  but I always have to come home to myself.  things and stuff.  well, might as well catch up on the news.  and news satire/commentary.

so here’s a short-and-sweet one:


happiness is hard… I relate to this video… I just can’t escape one bad political thing after another.


caveat: I know the following video is the full album, when I really just wanted to feature “Over the Edge,” the title track, but this video does seem to have the best quality that I’ve seen in a youtube search.

I heard the following on the way to work today.  I think this is the fourth Ruby song I’ve heard…?  anyway, sweet song, aww moments, and then the next line of lyrics…wait, what?…and the next line of lyrics…jesus… so…enjoy

I heard this coming back from work (different station).  For a moment, I thought it was Gossip, until the vocals kicked in.  The bass seemed very similar.

To see what I’m talking about, hear rather, some Gossip as follows.  Years ago now, an old friend of mine, at the time, described them as homemade disco.  I’m not sure if that’s my takeaway, but we discovered the band simultaneously – on MTV of all places, who knew?  and fell in love with their raw minimalist awesomeness.


Ok, so I deleted my late night drunken I-hate-work-and-everything-is-shit rant from last night.  But I’ll replace it with this.  This guy gets it.



I have had this song really stuck in my head for the past few days now.  good song.  enjoy.

have a good day all.


To my followers, I updated my Action for the Day page.  I’m not sure if I will keep that particular page updated past the first 100 days mark.  but I updated it for now.  check it out here.  have a good night/day.


caveat/warning: foul language

So I guess the latest Trump-bashing from Colbert has gotten some people upset.  I think the comment in question is that he said, regarding Trump:

“The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s c— holster.”

Some are saying, presumably those on the right, that this goes too far in mocking Trump.  Others are saying – I don’t know if left or right – that, nevermind Trump so much, this comment is an anti-gay slur.

Is it? I’m not offended.

(I can’t make the pics bigger, but you can click them to see the larger version.)

“suck my dick” is often a pejorative phrase, although I don’t think I necessarily saw it as homophobic/anti-gay, more a male dominance thing… I am alpha male, I am implying you are the beta male…but, you know, vulgar.

I guess… I guess if taken literally. that sucking dick is seen as insulting and thereby gay maleness seen as an insult and so on.  or at least that the “catchers” are subservient to the “pitchers,” but also in a negative way…you know, no one analyzes insults this literally…

the overarching point is more…

to the Trump supporters: you have no high ground here.  You can’t tell me that you want a late night comedian fired for basically saying “suck my dick,” a comedian… on late night, while voting to be the president of the country a person who begins the campaign calling Mexicans rapists and POWs cowards and ends the campaign saying he can grab women by the pussy.  so no, Trump supporters, no high ground.

hence the following, from people who were pro-free-speech to those pointing out the hypocrisy:

Colbert article here (msn.com).

and they say misogyny doesn’t exist?

And to those who think Colbert is homophobic, you haven’t been following him for his 20 year plus career.  From empathetically playing a closeted, though I suppose self-loathing, character on Strangers with Candy, to his tongue-in-cheek antics on Colbert Report, exposing and satirizing conservative homophobia.  You could say, too, I suppose he has a long history of using gayness for humor, but I think, to be fair, his portrayals/usage were more empathetic than contemporaries at the time, who played it more vaudevillian.  As more himself on the Late Show, he has shown upfront support of LGBT rights, followed the progression of gay marriage legalization, and then there was his moving speech after the Orlando Pulse massacre.

on a serious note, on the Orlando Pulse massacre:

Switching gears from Colbert, more disconcerting should be Trump’s latest anti-Johnson amendment executive order or aka “What now?!” Signing an executive order such that religious pastors, religious personnel can preach their political opinions in church (something one is not allowed to do at work, if you are a regular run-of-the-mill worker and/or civil servant, by the way), and can donate openly to political candidates and still keep their tax exempt status.  gotta have that money and evangelical vote… and also, one more block knocked down in the barely-there wall separating church and state.  i.e. separation of church and state is a joke in this country.  (also, by religious freedom, they might as well be upfront and say Christian)

One would think this is bad enough, at the very least from a campaign finance transparency anti-corruption perspective.  But the state of our nation now is, nope, not hardcore rightwing enough.  (echoes of the health care AHCA bill… they didn’t bring the more moderate one to a vote for fear of losing face that it wouldn’t pass, given the divisions between the hardcore GOP and the moderate GOP, so they revised it.  instead of, say, making the bill more moderate, to reconcile with moderate Republicans, be more public-friendly, and literally god-forbid sway some Democrats, no they made the bill more hardcore to appeal to the farther right – and it worked)  but back to religion… Churches are now allowed to endorse candidates and keep tax exempt status.  But they complain this didn’t go far enough, they wanted some anti-LGBT wording in there.

I know enough now to know that “religious liberty” is code for LGBT discrimination.  and that the religion for which they want liberty is, and only is, Christianity.  I mean, really.  it’s hard to hide that.  at least in America.  You don’t see large swaths, I mean voting blocs, of Hindu or Jewish practitioners spewing out anti-gay rhetoric.  (Islam, granted.  but in America, the religious liberty laws, I’m sure, are not crafted with the intent to protect Muslim people, far from it.)  oh bigotry…

sorry… sources:

Trump to sign executive order making it easier for churches to support political candidates, The Washington Post

Trump’s executive order disappoints religious conservatives, Yahoo News

and to put this aside and reminisce of earlier times…

and before Strangers:

(note, it’s supposed to repeat, like they’re redoing the take)