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The following video is not intended to be pedantic, rather, for some levity and nostalgia (Dave Frishberg, Schoolhouse Rock!, 1976):

*some caveats: With this Trump administration, there are so many issues to tackle.  A woman at a meeting the other night described it like needing to wave fly paper around to try to catch them all.  Gerrymandering (which I write about every election season, here, and here, way back in the happier times of 2012), Citizens United, the two party system skewed against third parties, voter suppression, Muslim ban, attacks against the free press, propaganda and “fake news,” Sean Spicer, Russian involvement in the election and administration and whatever else, anti-immigration raids and policies, anti-transgender policies, anti-LGBT and Mike Pence, repealing Obamacare aka Affordable Care Act, misogyny, the border wall, almost all the Cabinet picks, trying to destroy public education, trying to destroy the EPA, climate change denial, anti-science, the Dakota Access Pipeline and steamrolling Native Americans, neo-naziism, nativism, isolationism, corruption, undoing Dodd-Frank and sub-prime-mortgage loan preventions, undoing forcing fiduciaries to act in their clients’ best interest, authoritarianism, potential fascism, incompetence, destroying diplomacy with China, Mexico, Australia et al., nepotism, conflict of interest, and on and on and on… not to mention covering protests and petitions, marches

So how do you fight it all?  I figure I should pick one issue that is most important to me and focus on that primarily.  So my one (umbrella) issue, for me, is LGBT rights.  So this post will focus mainly on that topic.


17 Anti-Trans Bills That Could Become Law Next (rollingstone.com)
Everything You Need to Know About the Wave of 100+ Anti-LGBT Bills Pending in States (huffingtonpost.com)
Everything You Need to Know About the Debate Over Transgender People and Bathrooms, Jul. 2015, (time.com)

source: ilga.gov

– Women’s Health:

  • HB40 – protects female reproductive health care (vote yes)


  • SB 64 – Religious Freedom Defense Act (vote no), allows people to discriminate against same-sex people without penalty
  • SB 2164 Religious Freedom Defense Act (vote no), explained by Huffington Post
  • HB 4474 – “SCH CD-PUPIL PHYSICAL PRIVACY (vote no), IL’s version of the anti-trans “bathroom bill,” states that schools must designate their public restrooms for kids according to sex, as defined by their chromosomes and anatomy at birth (imagine having to carry your birth certificate around to use a public restroom, or getting turned away at a restroom because you look androgynous or not like you “pass”)…did you know intense waiting/”holding it” of not going to restrooms can lead to urinary infections, trying to not go to the restroom can cause someone to become dehydrated, not to mention many conditions which may cause an individual to need to use a restroom nearby and/or more frequently, source: CBS, for one.

source: hrc.org/resources/federal-legislation

ask to reintroduce to 115th Congress and vote yes:

– pro-LGBT:

  • Customer Non-Discrimination Act – amends Civil Rights Act of 1964 to prohibit discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity in public accommodations, public spaces, services, retail, healthcare, transportation…
  • Equality Act – amends Civil Rights Act of ’64 to protect LGBT



World laws pertaining to homosexual relationships and expression
By Various (Initial version by Silje) – Own work

This vector image was created with Inkscape.
Other sources
Nigerian Sharia states based on File:NG-Sharia.png
Merida (Venezuela) from File:Venezuela Merida State Location.svg
Wisconsin: File:Blank US Map.svg
Law in Russia restricting freedom of expression and assembly [1]
US after DOMA decision [2]
Syria: [3]
Belarus: [4], CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Wikipedia: LGBT Rights by Country or Territory


vote no and/or don’t reintroduce:


vote yes and/or reintroduce:

-Racial/Religious Discrimination:

-Voter Suppression:


Other bills, not Illinois or federal:

  • Iowa: Religious Freedom Restoration Acts (see above): HF 2032, HF 2200, SF 217 (vote no)


Helping fight voter suppression:

League of Women Voters (lwv.org):
their petition

Election Assistance Commission article: The Atlantic

Voting Rights Act articles:
The Nation
Daily KOS
Brennan Center: “Restricting the Vote”
Brennan Center: “Voting Laws Roundup 2017”

In Illinois: support same day voter registration and automatic voter registration

The original automatic voter registration bill, HB4208 or SB 250, was vetoed by Rauner, and the veto was not overturned.   It’s status is “sine die” – which means set aside indefinitely.  The new version is HB 6627, introduced Jan. 2017, also set aside indefinitely.

  • support IL HB 6627, for automatic voter registration


Additional Sources:




First, an apt Elvis Costello song, brought to mind by “Morning Joe” Scarborough on Late Show with Stephen Colbert, 2/21/17.

and then, a classic let me collapse into my sorrow song, “Beware of Darkness”


ah, angry girl rock… Dresden Dolls’ “Girl Anachronism”… use of the piano’s interesting… anyways…
I could go with Hole, especially as it was Kurt Cobain’s birthday, yesterday I think…

but I’m not the biggest Hole fan.  Much rather some Suzi Quatro!



I know this is bootlegged, which is unfortunate, but I’d like people to watch this episode.  I loved Switched at Birth, by the way.  It’s a show that was on a network formerly known as ABC Family, which decided to go “edgier,” I suppose, and is now Freeform.  The official site is here.

For those who don’t know, Switched at Birth is a sitcom about two daughters, well, switched at birth, and is a show about deaf culture.  As a personal interest of mine, I’ve used the show to help me learn ASL.  But they also have the guts to tackle lots of issues.  Previous seasons, the girls were in high school, and yes, there was a lot of high school boy drama.  But, as the characters have aged into collegiate years, the issues are also becoming more mature and sophisticated, as well as topical.

This particular episode generates a discussion – without providing any easy answers and showing points on both sides – which is very current at the moment, that of free speech and discrimination.  It’s a topic I keep arguing about again and again with my peers.  and I know it’s a complicated subject.  I don’t want to have censorship, I don’t want to take away anyone’s free speech, but I do believe in safe spaces (I don’t want to get into defining that at the moment, as I’m realizing the definitions vary, and so what I mean by it may not be what someone else means by it), I don’t want to condone hate speech or bigotry, and I don’t think colleges should shelter people from the real world…

Several different characters in this episode all weigh in with different points of view, and I like that this show went there and is having this discussion.  I think it’s probably easier and arguably more effective for me to direct people to this episode, than go on a diatribe of my own.  If I were to try to sum up my views in a concise statement, it’d be something like…everyone has the right to free speech, but that doesn’t mean that speech comes without consequences, that doesn’t mean you have the right to say racial slurs without consequence.  and so on…

So anyway, I think the episode does a good job discussing this.  and remembering, in the end, what is an intellectual academic debate to some, is other people’s lives.  again, as I find myself saying again and again, it’s complicated.  if only it didn’t seem like ingrained human nature to hate each other… I guess it starts with addressing these issues, discussing them, and trying to see the other side’s point of view, while hopefully – hopefully – standing up for equality and humane treatment for everyone.  We’ll probably never end racism and bigotry, but we have to try…  anyways…


(not sure how else to contact y’all) just a note to say, keep checking in with my Action of the Day blog post, as I am trying to keep that updated by the day, at least week


and I’m a huge garage rock fan, this on one of my top lists, The Sparkles:


and I think Milo is a bully and performance artist troll hiding behind a veil of political ideology

but what do I know, I’m just a stupid evil sensitive snowflake crying liberal pussy sjw… come at me…

“this guy has done things that has allowed you to fucking live”


Laura Jane Grace interview on Daily Show with Trevor Noah, here (comedycentral)


A two-part post tonight.  I was watching various YouTube videos, videos on personal experiences with Aspbergers, among other things, and thought I’d share that.  and then I thought about Laura Jane Grace, because I’d seen an interview with her on Daily Show with Trevor Noah the other day – and was a fan for some time, love “Transgender Dysphoria Blues” – anyways… and thinking about people being who they are… but I just wanted to post some videos with people in their own words, rather than get all “preachy” and delve into what some call “identity politics.”

as for the following part, I post these because tonight someone said to me that Pence was alright, that Pence was a nice person.  Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but this is my response to that.

Now, as for the following sources, granted, one is a regular person, and Democracy Now is a far left media source.  One can argue that Rachel Maddow is biased and on a left-leaning platform.  duly noted.  I could cite articles, voting record, bills, and the like, but I felt these people did some research and elucidated points well enough, plus just nice to have videos sometimes… anyways… (I don’t even know why I go into defensive mode, I think because I am constantly around people who take some opposing positions from myself and defensiveness is probably a knee-jerk reaction at this point…rambling now)  but anyways, I’ll let the videos speak for themselves.


Rachel Maddow gets choked up describing Mike Pence’s anti-LGBT policies, video, and source (lgbtqnation)


Pulp – “Live Bed Show”



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